Creepy, where have you been?

Creepy is a geolocation OSINT tool that can be used as part of the footprinting phase. This tool is developed in python and it is a cross-platform. It has been developed for educational purposes to see how much geolocation information is contained in publications made with the location option on.

OSINT tools (Open-Source Intelligence) collect information from public sources that are accessible via Internet, i.e free and declassified information fonts.

Keeping this in mind, what Creepy does is to collect location data from those users considered as targets. This data is collected from publications on social networks like twitter, instagram or flicker whose users have their location on.

Below you’ll find some pictures showing how Creepy works and the results it shows.

  1. Once the objective has been specified a research is done in order to find every published location:

post 1 edit.png

We can appreciate that most part of the findings are in Spain and that there’s one in Belgium.

  1. Let’s approach the zoom to see the findings more in detail:

post 1 edit.png

post 1 edit.png

As you can see it is very easy to track someone who publishes their location on social networks, so it is important that you turn it off and turn it on only when needed.

Translated by Ana García Negrillo  (@ANAgarneg)

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